Custom Printed Aluminum

aluminumAluminum is lightweight rust-proof and fade-resistant. We can screen print specific colors such as a PMS Pantone or we can do our best to match the color digitally. Our Aluminum comes in many thicknesses and we can custom-print, cut and punch it to any shape. Printed Aluminum Tags are ideal for machinery or expensive equipment and we’re well versed with Screen Printing Aluminum, Digitally Printing Aluminum, Pad Printing Aluminum or Laser Engraving it. Does your application require tracking, updated information/parts or service?
We can print various graphics, data and even barcodes directly onto Aluminum. 

Screen Printed – Digitally Printed – Pad Printed – Laser Engraved

Custom Printed Aluminum Tags & LabelsCustom Printed Aluminum is offered in various depths depending on what kind of depth/mark you’re looking for. Custom Printed Aluminum is a scientific application that produces a superior product designed for tagging equipment that demands longevity and durability. Aluminum Data Plates & Identification Tags are extremely critical to all industries. Custom Aluminum Identification tags are used in Aerospace, Industrial and Military Applications. Custom Printing Aluminum Tags are usually produced with a Black, Silver, Gold or a Matte Yellow Background. However, our tags can come in any color that you want.

Custom Printed Aluminum – The Ideal Industrial Application

Custom Printed Aluminum Richmond VAWe custom print aluminum identification plates when you need them. If you need five or five thousand  we produce them in-house promptly and properly. Custom Printed Aluminum Tags are ideal for machinery that must be monitored or warrantied, especially if it requires routine service or maintenance. Our Custom Printed Aluminum Tags can be Screen Printed or Engraved in bulk quantities. We have the ability to go back and etch or engrave variable data into specific fields of the tag. We can produce and ship them AS YOU NEED THEM. Custom printing Aluminum Data Plates and Tags are one of the many services that we offer.
Aluminum is the best material in regards to variable data that you may require when you label, tag or mark a particular piece of gear or equipment. We custom laser-cut our Aluminum to any shape with wide format C02 cutters.

 We custom print with UV Based Inks. We laser-cut it with C02 Lasers.

Have a project that requires Custom Printed Aluminum?