Printing Fire Protection Equipment

Printing Fire Protection Equipment – This is a very cool and specific application! We custom screen print these massive “labels” for clients in the construction and fire production industry. They install fire barriers inside of buildings, also known as firewalls.This custom tape is applied all the way around the barrier in order to prevent future construction from infringing on the the previous installation. These “labels” are made from a fire-retardant material that is SUPER THICK and TACKY. Once you apply this stuff, it isn’t coming off. These labels are also like 40″ in length… some of the largest labels that we’ve ever printed hahaha. Printed Fire Barrier Tape is probably the best name for this product. We UV screen print the material with a standard “Fire Red” also known as PMS 187. We do all kinds of cool custom stuff here in good ole’ Richmond, Virginia. NO JOB IS TOO CUSTOM FOR US!

You can probably the notice amount of specific information on this label. For this particular run, We had to hit the correct Yellow PMS and match text from a drawing that dated back to the 50’s when screen printing was “brand new”. Aluminum Identification labels are our specialty. Whether you need ten asset tags, thirty serialized aluminum plates or five-hundred, we’ve got your covered! Polyester Labels – We Print The Best Polyester Labels – Do you need Labels that are strong enough to take on the Sun? Our Polyester Labels defy not just the Sun but any kind of motor or equipment that gets hot. These metal prints were produced on Aluminum with 3M 468 Adhesive on the back. We specialize in screen printing directly onto metals such as stainless steel and aluminum. This particular customer required us to print directly onto aluminum, so we did. We have the ability to print directly onto metals – metal printing, it’s what we’re good.We ordered a big quantity of aluminum for this customer and we print and cut them down as needed. Sometimes they need only fifty – sometimes they need 15,000 pcs.

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