Custom Printing Acrylic – Screen Printing Acrylic & Digitally Printing Acrylic

Custom Printing & Cutting AcrylicWe custom screen print Acrylic up to 36″ x 36″ in size with UV Curable Inks. However we can digitally print full sheets of Acrylic up to 5′ x 10′ in size. With our machinery we print directly onto acrylic, wood, plastic and metals and we can custom-cut it to any shape that you require! We are extremely detail-oriented in regards to the curing properties of our inks. There are various ink formulas required to properly cure inks depending on the substrate and application. If this process is not properly handled this can result in your ink scratching off. The most consistent brand of Acrylic that we run into seems to be Acrylite™, though there are many options they seem to be very prominent in the industry. Custom printing acrylic can be a hassle as each sheet must have the protective release liner peeled off before printing. This can ensure a clean print, however Acrylic can scratch easy when stacked and this requires careful hands.
Vestamelt_KWe laser-cut Acrylic up to 1/2″ in thickness and quite often we use Acrylite™ Brand. The wax/brown paper is a little more durable than the plastic protective sheeting, it is much harder to remove with your hands as it tears. When cutting with a laser it tends to flare up on occasion as the wax paper contains a layer of pyrethrin (which is wax based).


Custom Printing AcrylicWhen we are custom printing acrylic it is typical for us to print in reverse. It allows the ink to be less prone to the elements. Custom printing Acrylic is a service we have offered since it became prominent in the graphics and display industry over thirty-years ago. Screen printing acrylic takes place here in Richmond Virginia and we’re proud of our work. Custom Printing Acrylic is something that we take very seriously and if we can’t print to the edge, we’ll simply trim it off with a laser. Laser Engraving Pros and Richmond Screen Print are under the same roof and we’re the same company actually. We just have many websites! Custom Printing Acrylic is one of our many specialties although we have a multitude of others.



We custom print with UV Based Inks. We laser-cut it with C02 Lasers.

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