Domed Decals

DOMED DECALS POP! Our customer was not initially interested in Domed Decals until we sent them some samples. After several years of buying the same flat polycarbonate decals they switched their entire product line to include these glossy, thick Domed Decals. The glossy feel adds extra “pop” to the color and makes it impossible not to touch. Many equipment cases generally have Domed Decals applied to them to finalize the product and provide not only an image quality that pops, but one that stands out more than any other type of decal currently available on the market. Identity is important, especially when it applied on your equipment and property of high value. Domed decals are often used to apply to cases, power coated surfaces and area’s that may be recessed. We offer domed decals in every aspect of the color spectrum. Blue, Black, Chrome, Gold, You name it – we can get it done. All Custom Colors Available – PMS – Spot Color – Half Tones! Domed Decals – Richmond, Virginia. Printing Control Panels – Printing OverlaysWe Specialize In Making Custom Overlays and Panels For
Electrical Controls, Panel Boxes, Power Inverters, Machine Panels, Control Switches, Interfaces, and Rack Units. We can print and cut to almost any size imaginable! We offer several materials such as; vinyl, polyester, plastic, acrylic and polycarbonate. Plastic and Polycarbonate seem to be very popular. If you need twenty five panels – we’ll more than likely print it digitally or thermally, but if you need bigger quantity we can always screen print it and die-cut out the needed patterns. Generally for anything in low volume, it’s much easier and cost effective to digitally print and plot-cut out the needed holes/patterns in your artwork. This is an example of digitally printed Ivivd Material with a Polycarbonate Over-Laminate. The customer only needed fifty pieces, but they were applying them on powder-coated substrates so we applied a 3M 300 LSE Adhesive, and it stuck like a charm.

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