Custom Printed Polystyrene

IMG_20150409_122244We offer custom printed polystyrene signs and we can match specific PMS Pantone colors via UV Screen Print or we can do our best to match the color digitally, though screen printing is a much accurate wait to properly match a color. Our Custom Printed Polystyrene signs come in many thicknesses and we can custom-print and or die-cut it to virtually any shape! Polystyrene signs really started to replace FoamCore signs in the late 90’s. Polystyrene signs are extremely flexible and come in many thicknesses. No quantity is too small or too large!

Common Applications For Printing on Polystyrene

You name the color – we can match it! Custom Colors Available – PMS – Spot Color – Half Tones – 4 Color Process or UV Screen Printed. You can take a polystyrene sign and practically bend it half without actually creasing it. You certainly can’t tear polystyrene. Custom Printed Polystyrene signs are commonly used for semi-temporary signage. Though the material is extremely durable and tear proof, the material will start to yellow within a year or two. 

Have a project that requires Polystyrene Signs?